Health Solutions

We strive to empower you with health ..."life" energy and God's given intelligence our innate ability for healing. We strive to remove interferences to healing

ALLIGN   Important to allign your life with God's intentions for your life "your book", Prayer, you are so Loved. Meditate on your favorite bible verses. God the ultimate source of "life" energy!

             Chiropractic by alligning your structure to correct Subluxations removes interferences to health. (Sub meaning "less" and lux "light"). Subluxations cause the body to be less efficient, from a fraction of 1% to 99% of the intended function.

             They are blocks to healing and need to be corrected to enhance and restore the efficiency of your body's optimal communication systems, function, health, and "life" energy, light, power supply.

DETOX   Important to be an efficient eliminator in a toxic world, Lifestyle factors can greatly enhance removal of toxins.

             Toxins rob our bodies of "life" energy and are electron stealers. Being able to remove Heavy Metals, Chemicals, metabolic waste products, Microbial neurotoxins

             Avoiding these toxic sources when possible including excess man made Radiation sources are important for health.

NUTRITION   Important to fuel your body with "life" energy through regenerative sleep, eating whole foods that God made and drinking pure water. Choosing foods and water that truly give you nutrition

            with mininal stress to the body, enhance elimination detox and aid in healing and recovery.

MOVE    We were made to move with strength, flexibility and without pain. Movement helps to power our body. Produces "life "energy.

                                Empowering "LIFE" to years & years to life!!!